Can you recommend a cosmetic clinic in London?

Dear Sir,
I am looking for a specialist clinic in London to deal with my problem.
I have a repeated cyst on the root of one of my front tooth. In the past I already had over 4 operations on my front teeth to remove cysts that kept appearing. Thus there is not much root tissue left. I have crowns on all 4 front teeth.
Recently I’ve seen a dentist in my home country who advised me that to remove this new big cyst the whole tooth have to be removed together with the cyst. After that an implant has to be inserted and new crowns made. This will be a procedure in several stages.
I permanently live in London and want to get another advice and possible treatment here. My problem will involve a specialist surgeon and a good cosmetic dentist. It has to be in one clinic.
Can you please advise me where I can get help. I want the best possible treatment.
Many thanks
I would of course highly recommend our own clinic, as we have a specialist prosthodontist, Dr Nick Fahey, who is our expert in implant surgery and one of the top specialists in London. Either myself or one of the other cosmetic dentists could work with him to give you the best result possible. Our details can be found on this website. I would be more than happy to assist you with further advice at a consultation and I would recommend you see Dr Fahey first
Kind Regards
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