Can I Have Implants To Keep My Dentures In Place, Through The NHS?

I have no teeth at all. I have lost them through poor hygiene after many years of depression and after being hassled to get them sorted I went to the local dentist only to have them all removed and replaced with dentures. I have been trying these for a while now and every time I wear them I get serious headaches up through my temple areas and across my fore head. I understand that using them takes patience and practice but no matter what product I use I still can’t eat any food with them in. as a result I haven’t been able to eat any solid food since I had them done. I understand also that you cannot have them on the nhs, only in certain circumstances. I am hopeful though that maybe you can advice me on my best course of action, whether or not I can have a minimum number of implants that will help secure these things so I can try to eat solid food again. The food problem is the most important thing for me at the moment but I also haven’t been able to leave my home since having them as it is causing me more problems than just not eating. I am desperate for any help/advice you can share with me. Thank you.
My advice would be to go and see an expert in replacing teeth with implants – there is a solution to your problem that involves securing your dentures with some implants, sometimes referred to as ‘all on four’ and also ‘teeth in a day’. I have three implant experts in my practice in Harley Street that could help you if you wished to come for a consultation.

Alternatively please try to find someone local to you to help

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