Can I Get Cheaper Treatment on Finance?

Hi, not sure if you will be able to help?
For a couple of years now I have noticed my 2 front teeth are becoming crooked and it’s really starting to get me down. I was told as a child that I have too many teeth in my mouth and I think this is what is causing the crookedness now my wisdom teeth are starting to come through. Also the tooth on the right side next to my front teeth was filed (very badly) when I was younger and now sits at an angle like it’s been broken off.I feel like I have a really bad overbite, it has really started to knock my self confidence but, my problem is I can’t afford the money that my dentists are asking for? Is there any way I could have this sorted out cheaper or even on finance? Many thanks.
Hello, thanks for writing in. It sounds like you may need crowns or veneers on the teeth, but without seeing you its difficult to say. You may be suitable for bonding instead, that is cheaper than crowns. Regards, Andrew. 
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