Are there any cost effective replacement options as good as dental implants?

Our dentist has suggested dental implants for my wife who is 70 years of age. Dentist says that her gums are in good shape and will hold the implants. She needs three implants in upper and lower gums. My concern is age and post-menoposal stage. Howevere she has no bad post-monoposal signs and symptoms and not diabetic. What do you advise? We know our dentist for long time and trust him but I am looking for second opinion as the procedure is costly.
Dear Enquirer,
Implants are a very good option for replacing missing teeth if there are no medical contra-indications and all the diagnostic scans and xrays show that implants are suitable. There is no upper age limit as long as your wife is fit and well.
Please do ask your dentist questions and explain your concerns so he can justify his course of treatment.
They are an investment, but do provide a long term solution for a patient wanting fixed teeth.
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