Are my teeth moving back because I’m not wearing my retainer often enough?

Hello. I hope you are well.
I am 32 years old and I wore a brace for a year and now have a retainer on the top and bottom rows of my teeth. I have noticed that my bottom teeth are moving a little and going back to their original place – which was originally very crooked. This is really concerning me. I had white fillings to line them up so should I go back and get crowns on the bottom to stop the movement and make them look better or is it that I am not wearing the retainer often enough?
Id like to have really nice looking teeth. I had a crown on the front and whilst I was really happy, its colour appears to be less like the other teeth – which puts me back to square 1can you give me some advice please?
Hi. It might be worth considering veneers if the colour and shape are not 100%, you might also want to wear the retainer during the day as well to stop the movement. I hope this helps.
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