Would the NHS be able to fit me with dentures?

Q. hi i had all my teeth done on the n.h.s at glenfield hospital around 8 years ago i had crowns and veneers many of them are chipped and veneers come off my teeth dont look good can you tell me if i can have them done again at a n.h.s dentist or have them taken out and have dentures replaced as i am on benifits i am 40 years old if i went to my dentist and asked him if he would fit me dentures would he do it as i cannot afford ato replace my crowns thank you,
A. Hi I would recommend you ask your dentist directly. As he/she would be able to examine your mouth and therefore give you the best options for your case.
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August 3rd, 2010 at 08:47 PM
Selina Says :

Can you tell me exactly what constitures a course of treatment under Band 3? I paid £198 for one course, then discovered within two months that more extractions were needed, I was referred to the hospital for a general anaesthetic for removal of further teeth this was eventually deemed unnecessary by the hospital. As this process has now taken nearly six months my dentist wants to charge me a further £198 for a new course of treatment, whihch incluede extractions and the fitting of an immeidate partial denture is that correct? My dentist states that if I need more extractions after this and within two months an additional tooth can be added to the new partial denture at a cost of £46. Is this also correct? Reading the small print on my treatment plan I expected all of the work to be covered by one course of treatment as the need for further extractions was decided before the two month time limit of my initial treatment.

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