What Kind Of Qualifications Should I Look For In A Dentist Who Can Provide Dental Implants?

Hello Dr Moore, I would like to know how does one choose a dentist for dental implants? What qualifications should he or she have and what should one expect to pay for this type of treatment within the UK. I have all my own teeth but one at the back has just been removed due to canal root treatment five years ago and it has not solved the problem. I am not sure whether to go abroad for the treatment as I do often travel in Europe for my work but I’m not sure about this option as I do not know what kind of qualifications European dentists should have, and what kind of cost I’ll be looking at? Thank you, I hope you can help.
Hello and thank you for your request, it’s an important question to consider and I’m glad you have brought it up. I would stay in the Uk personally and look for a dentist who has studied for a post graduate diploma such as the Dip Imp Dent RCS qualification, which is specifically related to dental implants. Thank you. Dr Moore.
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