Should I replace dental crowns?

Q. I had my two front teeth broken when I was 12 years old and have had porcelain crowns since I was 15. I am now 33. I have an overbite, so my front teeth are noticeable when I smile, I have always been very self-concious about them. I have never liked my crowns, which were done by my local NHS dentist. They are slightly more yellow than my other teeth, which are all white and I do have very good dental hygiene and don’t have any problems with my teeth. I have asked my dentist about implants or new crowns, but they say i don’t need them replaced. I wish they didn’t protrude as much as they do, but am not sure implants are right for me or should I just get veneers or new crowns that are thinner and more white? Thank you,
A. I would definitely look at replacing these crowns as they are making you unhappy. New materials are very natural looking, giving an ideal colour match and reflecting light as natural teeth do. I suggest seeing a cosmetic dentist who should make a ‘wax up’ (new prototype) of your proposed smile before changing the crowns over. This will show you the results that can be achieved. You should work closely with him and the technician (who actually makes the crowns) to achieve a great result. I am happy to see you at  
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