Should I Go for Shade B2 or B3 for a Full Mouth Restoration?

I am trying to decide between B2 and B3 shade for a full mouth restoration. I am a 54 year old female and I have a big smile and I am pretty. My dentist thinks B2 is too white. I love the look of upper white and he thinks it looks unnatural. I don’t want to glow in the dark but I want to look clean and bright, what is your opinion on shade other than following my own
thoughts?Also what is the trend? Thank you. 
A B2 is a relatively natural tooth shade and not considered to be too ‘Hollywood’ white. I think what is equally as important as the shade chosen is how natural the tooth shape and surface contour us and how much natural diversity and translucency is added. My advice is ask for your provisional restorations to be matched as closely as possible to B2 as well as all the other features and then see what that looks like to you, your friends and family.

One other option is to ask for your new porcelain teeth to be cemented with a temporary cement so that you can preview them at home for a day or so. Note this will be possible with crowns and bridges but probably not with veneers.

If the shade needs to be darkened then usually the technician can ‘stain’ this on afterwards BUT please get this confirmed by the technician before proceeding with the porcelain manufacture.

It would do no harm to visit the technician for his/her advice too. At the end of the day it’s your decision and of course you should get a chance to preview them fully before agreeing to the use of the ‘permanent’ cementation. Please ensure you are satisfied before they are put on with the final cement.

Hope that helps.Kind regards, Mark.

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