My Teeth Are Slightly Out Of Place, Are Braces My Only Option?

My front teeth at the top are out of place and the bottom teeth are squint but typical braces would take much to long and I would rather not have them for years.. is there any methods that I could get that would work faster to give me a nice smile.. And what are the prices for the procedures roughly? I did have a look through your site at all the different treatments But I am still unsure of what would be the best option for myself and I would really appreciate any advice or information you could provide on the topic.

Thank you. 

Hi Laura

The best thing for you to do to get an idea of what’s realistically achievable for you, would be to come for a consultation. Veneers or bonding might be an option as a quicker alternative to orthodontics, but it may also be too destructive to your teeth. We’d need to see you in person to be able to assess if you’re suitable and to provide estimates on the fees for the treatments. To give you a ‘ballpark’ figure, bonding costs from 200-600 per tooth whilst porcelin veneers are ususally from £500 to over £1000 for the very highest quality.

All your questions can be answered and all options can be ascertained following your consultation and examination with a cosmetic dentistry expert

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