My gums have receded due to HIV and cardiovascular problems, what can I do?

Hello Dr Moore
I live with HIV and a cardio vascular isues and my gums have receded and have lost quite a few back teeth. The front teeth are in good condition, althought I am concerned that they may also go. I am looking for the best and most cost effective solution as well as a solution that looks good. Could you give me some idea what you consider the best way forward and if possible an idea of costs, and would you be willing to work with me? Is there a method of ‘gum reconstruction?
Many Thanks 
Its hard to tell what you might need without seeing you as generalised recessions is very difficult to treat, small area can be covered with gingival grafting- my gum specialist can carry this out for you. If you’d like to book an appointment for a full consultation she can discuss all the options possible with relation to your medical history. My clinic number is 08443 87 87 88. The consultation will cost £90. Regards Andrew
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