My Front Teeth Have A Natural Gap Which I Hate, What Can Be Done To Help?

how much does it costs to fill the gap between my front teeth? its just a natural gap. i hate it! its becoming more wide as time goes by.. please do help! it used to be a small tiny space between now its become bigger! can there be anything i can do to fix it. like what sort of treatment is about for this situation? i have thought about stuff but am not up to date with procedures. also about braces, what are they mainly used for? can they help? i would like it if you can make recommendations because i now find it difficult to smile because i hate the gap. my two front are really nice but just without the gap! if i do use braces will i have to use them forever? this would cause me quite a lot of stress and i would rather avoid it do you know is there any permanent solution?
It really depends on the size of the gap orthodontics may be able to close the gap natuarally or cosmetic bonding will work I would need to see you to give you the options.
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