I’m Unsuitable for Braces. How Can I Straighten my Smile?

Dear Dr Mark,
I’ve been told that, probably, I’m not suitable for braces because I have 2 bridges. One is on the top left and one is on the top right and also because I’m missing almost all of my teeth on bottom left (this is due to an attempt to straighten my teeth with removable braces. I had one tooth removed and in the process the tooth next to it ended up broken and I lost that as well). So I wouldn’t have enough support for the braces. Besides all this, I have had heavy restoring work done on several of my teeth. The crowding on my bottom teeth is more severe than the top ones and the alignment of my smile is about 2mm to the (my) right. I really want to straighten my teeth so I can have implants fitted afterwards. What would be your advice?
Thank you.
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Thank you for your question. My advice is to go to a consultation with a specialist orthodontist. Without seeing the situation exactly and having x-rays etc. It’s impossible to advise you. It may be possible to still have orthodontics but we’d need to assess this. Your treatment may just be more complicated but not necessarily impossible. The bridges could be removed and mini-implants or TADs (temporary anchorage devices) may be possible to use where your teeth are missing.

Best wishes, Mark.

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