I Smashed A Tooth When I Was Younger, I Need Advice On How To Fix My Smile?

Hello, I fell down a concrete stair well and smashed my front tooth when I was 9. I have had a lot of work on my teeth over the years and braces as well I have been left with a large crown. That gets infected month after month.  My dentist gave me the option of a tooth on a palate or just take it out and leave a gap in the front of my mouth. I don’t want a gap and a palate would make me sick with the food getting stuck under it and my gum has turned purple and it is shrinking back from the front tooth, my 2 front teeth. Now I have an overbite, I have gaps now in all my upper front teeth due to the work over the year. I have asked for my teeth to be fixed or if not all at least my front crown, the dentist has told me that I would have to be referred and it’s a cost of £2000/£3000 just to get my front tooth sorted, I get NHS credits as well so I don’t pay. I have had to change my Dentist as they just keep giving me antibiotics every month, I don’t not know if the infections is coming off the crown and spreading in my mouth. I get puss filled lumps on the front of my gums and you can see them when I smile. I would just like someone to just help me I sick of the pain and the infections and I would just like a nice simple smile. Thank you so much if you can reply. 
Hello. I’m sorry to hear that you having problems with your front teeth. Based on what you’ve stated I’d suggest the only other option is implants and the cost would be around £2500 for front teeth and sometimes you might need bone graft due to the infection. I would need X-rays to advise you properly.
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