I Need A Permanent Solution As I Don’t Like Wearing Partial Dentures. What Can Be Done?

Hello Dr Hughes, I have periodontitis also known as gum disease, and just had my lower two teeth pulled out yesterday. I’m on partial dentures at the moment and I hate the feel of it, I can’t afford dental implants and my dentist says that I would have to wait six months for the gums to heal and he will give me a Maryland bridge only after six months. My X-ray has shown that the supporting teeth will hold it fine, I’m really depressed and need a permanent solution? Is this the correct treatment option to take? I hope you can hope me sort this out as I’m getting sick of it. Thank you.
Hello and thank you for your enquiry. My advice is to seek treatment from a periodontist first and foremost to control your gum disease and you could always have a Maryland bridge made now as a temporary measure until the extraction site heals and have it amended (added to) once the gums shrink fully. Best of luck, Dr Mark Hughes.
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