I Have Problems Eating And Would Like To Know If I Could Get Braces Through The NHS At A Reduced Rate?

Hello Dr Hughes. I am 75 years old and chronically disabled. Do you know if it could be possible for me to have a brace fitted to enable me to eat properly and to correct a cross bite involving my front teeth. One tooth on the upper jaw and two teeth on the lower set injures my tongue and inner lips when I am eating (I have difficulty eating too as I have few molar teeth) and also when I am asleep? Would this be possible through the NHS or at a very reduced cost? Thank you for your reply in advance.
Hello and thank you for writing and getting in touch. Unfortunately as a private dentist I am unable to tell you as I am unaware of the latest NHS regulations. Usually this treatment is considered cosmetic and therefore not available for free. There are practices which offer payment plans, and allow you to pay for treatment over a longer period to make the costs more manageable. If you’d like for information on the various orthodontic systems you can find it through this helpful website. Regards, Mark.
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