I Had Braces Five Years Ago But Now My Teeth Are Moving. What Are My Options To Move Them Back Into Place?

Hi Mark. I had braces around 5 years ago now. And ever since my teeth have moved slightly. The gaps from the side of my mouth where I have had teeth out are more visible and the front teeth have moved forward so my first big two teeth have pushed forward. Is there anything that can happen that will not cost thousands of pounds to pull my teeth back into place?
The bottom teeth have inevitably moved also but my main worry are the top teeth as these are more visible.
Thank you.
Hello and welcome. There might be some more cost effective options open to you – the answer lies in finding out exactly how much relapse movement has occurred and what kind of result you are expecting. I would need to carry out a full assessment and examination to give you the answers but a treatment such as invisalign i-7 or an Inman aligner may be suitable? You may also want to check this website for the other brace options and see if you find any suitable. Kind regards, Mark.
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