How soon after having my toot extraction can i have my teeth whitened?

Q. I am having a top molar extracted tomorrow as I have an abcess in the roots. Because I have already had root canal treatment on this tooth my dentist is unable to save it. This means I will have lost a total of 4 molars on the top and will now need to look at having false teeth of some kind. Because of this I am looking at getting my teeth whitened before I get a soft flexi plate made. How soon after having my tooth extraction can I have my teeth whitened? Also the dental clinic I am looking at getting the whitening done, (I came across it on the internet and the prices are really cheap) doesn’t have any agencies/governing bodies named on their website ie; GDC or BACD. Does this mean they are dodgy and I should avoid them. They claim to whiten teeth with the new “Ultra-whitening” treatment in 15minutes and the treatment does not use any bleach. They just put a gel on your gums and use a laser. Does this sound right? As all the other websites I have looked at seem to use a bleach based treatment.

A. Only dentists are allowed to treat teth.  If this web site is a dentist and they ar using hydrogen peroxide no stronger than 6% you should be fine.  I would allow the extraction area about 4 weeks prior to bleaching – your other teeth and gums need to be healthy prior to bleaching

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