How Do I Look After a Bridge?

I have two gaps on the left side of my mouth and one gap on the right side. I’m thinking about having a bridge. Which is the best one and what is the cost? Does it hurt to have it done and how long would it take to be done? After having it done how do I look after them? Is there anything I need to do before I have this fitted, and do you have to drill any part of my gums? Do I need to do anything at night to my mouth when I’m going to bed, and can I clean them like normal teeth with normal toothpaste?
Hi, thank you for your question. A bridge is fixed teeth held to the two teeth either side of the gap. It often involves drilling down these teeth. You may also want to consider dental implants – these fix straight into the gum/bone in the gap without needing the teeth trimming down. The next step is to see a dentist who can offer you both and give you an honest opinion on what would work best for you. 
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