How Can I Help My Wife Get Her Teeth Fixed?

Dear Dr Moore, I was wondering if you could advise me on how my wife can become a guinea pig to help have her teeth fixed. 2 years ago my wife had to have many teeth out due to bad dentistry. She was fitted with a denture for top and bottom but had problems with ulcers, this was put down as being a bad fitting plate. My wife had a second lot done and still ends up being very sore and ulcerated, also they have affected her remaining teeth due to being ill fitting again. My wife has since been back to her NHS dentist, explained to them the issues she’s having only to be told yet more teeth may have to be removed and that she maybe allergic to the dentures and that if that the case there’s nothing more they can do. My wife is only 44 and very conscious of her mouth. We were always going for meals and nights out but now she makes excuses to hide herself away, she gets upset if she can’t eat a meal due to having no chewing teeth and her gums being too sore. I am on disability myself with my wife being my carer, my wife will do anything to meet my needs and I myself would love to be able to meet hers, I would love to see her smile a full smile again. I hope you can advise me, kind regards. 
Hi, thank you very much for your question. It sounds like it would be worth contacting a local dental teaching hospital to see if she could be seen there. She may also need a referral from your dentist to get her on the waiting list. Kind regards, Andrew. 
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