Can my retainer bridge the gap?

Hello there Dr, I had my braces taken off almost a year ago. I only wore removable retainers for a month and then discontinued using them. However after a year my front two teeth had started to have little gap between them. I therefore began to wear my retainers during the night and it fixed in. But when I take them off in the morning and try to eat it starts to shift again. 
So my question is , how long should I wear my retainers to fill the gap? Is it possible to treat with the retainers long term or should I go back to my orthodontist for further treatment?

Thank you

Hi there, The problem may be fixed and removable retainers being used in combination to hold the teeth is the best option; alternatively some finishing correction with more orthodontic treatment could be useful.
 I would seek advice from your orthodontist immediately

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