Can a Gap be Closed Without Loosening the Teeth?

Hello, I have a number of questions to ask. Firstly, I have little gaps between my upper teeth. A gap between central incisors, and between the lateral incisor and the central incisor (both the sides).
Can this gap be removed without my teeth becoming loose? Will this treatment be permanent? Secondly, I want to lighten the color tone of my teeth? I have a yellowish tone on my teeth.
Finally, is bleaching a good idea to lighten the color tone of teeth? I asked my local dentist he told me to get them bleached, or does it loosen the teeth attachment?
Hello, thank you for addressing me with your concerns. Yes, you can have the gaps corrected without the teeth loosening – look at bonding or veneers. And yes you can have them whitened without loosening being a side effect. Kind regards, Mark.
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