Can a Crown be Re-Shaped Using Veneers?

I broke my front tooth in an accident 20 years ago. It had a metal-ceramic crown. A part of the root was also damaged, for which I had an operation to remove part of the bone from the lingual side.The new crown was very ugly shaped, different to the other tooth. Many dentists fear to remove the crown, others say to have an implant done, which I fear. Is it possible to restore the shape by means of a veneer or Lumineer? A dentist made a restoration with composite, but it is broken now, after many years.
Hi, thank you for your question. It’s very hard to repair/re-shape a crown by adding porcelain veneers as it tends to de-bond very easily. It sounds like either a completely new crown or implant might be the best option. Kind regards, Andrew. 
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