Are the implants the same for dentures and for the bridge? Why the big differance in price?

I have no teeth in the upper jaw and only 5 teeth in the lower jaw. I would like to know. If the implants are the same for dentures and for the bridge.
it cost 2900 for 6 implants with a denture and 8800 For 8 implants and a fixed bridge. Why the big differance in price. And if i had the 6 implants with the denture. Can i use the 6 implants In 1 years time to then have a bridge made when i have more money. Thank you very much. 
Thank you for your questions.

Firstly the prices you have been quoted seem extremely low. High quality implants from an experienced and skilled implant dentist would normally carry a larger fee. Please be careful and ensure that what you are being offered is from a reputable and experienced clinic and surgeon.

The difference in cost is likley to be due to the far higher cost of the laboratory work. The bridge is much more technically challenging and expensive to make. Six implants may not be enough to support a bridge later on.

You may not need 6 implants for a denture supported by implants. Often 4 is enough such as with the ‘all on 4’ or ‘teeth in a day’ treatment.But as I said the fee you have been quoted is very low and I’d investigate that much further.

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February 15th, 2013 at 08:47 PM
joe Says :

Hi. Dr.
Thank you for your responce. Yes i agree the price for the implants and the dentures are cheap. But they dentuers Not a bridge. What i want to know. Is if i had the implants with the denture. Is it ok for my own dentist to fit a bridge.. And yes i realise i need 8 implants in my upper jaw. As you well know the prices vairy a lot in the uk for implants.. There are implants in the uk. For £395. If i have 8 implants placed in the upper jaw. Can my normal dentist arrange to have the bridge fitted to my implants. Once healed of course. Thank you for your time Dr Hughes. It is very much apreciated. Joe

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