Newcastle Based Beautician fined over £1000 for Illegal Dentistry

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A Newcastle based beautician pleaded guilty to offering tooth whitening illegally, which led to her being fined over £1,100.

Leanne Cranston, operating via her business Vanity Salon at her home, was ordered to pay the fine as well as the General Dental Council’s legal costs after being caught by GDC investigators working undercover saying she would be willing to whiten a patient’s teeth which is legally a dental treatment and therefore can only be undertaken by professionals registered with the GDC.

Ms Cranston offered a number of tooth whitening services, as well as selling “charcoal whitening powder” to some clients. Charcoal tooth whitening is a currently trending product that purportedly leads to whiter smiles. However expert dentists have claimed that at best charcoal does very little to help your teeth and at worst can cause enamel damage so severe that patients require veneer treatment to fix their teeth.

According to the GDC, the whitening powder caused the three people who bought it to suffer from bleeding and swollen gums.

The GDC argue that prosecution is a measure used as a last resort against illegal whitening, with the first steps involving educating customers and would-be practitioners about the legal and health ramifications of doing so, and recommend that anyone seeking teeth whitening treatment to check the GDC’s register of dental professionals to make sure that whoever is offering them treatment is legally qualified to do so.

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