London dentist issues warning over charcoal whitening toothpastes

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A London dentist has issued a warning over the safety of some charcoal activated whitening toothpastes after seeing patients who have suffered extensive enamel wear.

In the last few years, whitening products, including charcoal toothpastes, have become incredibly popular, but Dr Rhonda Eskander has urged people to be careful about trying to brighten their smiles with certain products. Dr Eskander said that she has seen patients with teeth so worn that they needed veneer treatment as a result of using charcoal products and whitening toothpastes. The trouble is that some toothpastes are so abrasive that they remove stains, but also damage the enamel surface of the teeth.

Dr Eskander said that people are buying into a trend without realising the dangers some products pose to their oral health. Charcoal toothpastes contain abrasive substances, which can weaken and wear down the enamel, leaving the teeth at risk of damage, decay and sensitivity. In addition, many people are swerving fluoride toothpaste, which has protective properties that strengthen the enamel.

The advice for those who wish to enjoy brighter, whiter smiles is to find out about professional whitening treatments, which are designed to lighten the enamel without any danger. Whitening treatment is a dental procedure, and as such, should only be administered by qualified, registered dental professionals. Recently, the General Dental Council has clamped down on illegal whitening, and many people have been prosecuted for offering illegal whitening treatment.

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