Would the Inman aligner or a six-month smile treatment be suitable for my teeth?

Q. Hi, My two upper front teeth point out and are starting to overlap and the teeth next to them are tucked behind them. Do you think 6 month smiles or The Inman aligner would work for me? I have looked at lots of before and after photo’s and most of the examples aren’t as bad as my teeth! The nearest dentists that offer these treatments are a long drive away and charge huge consultation fees so I would like to have an idea of whether these treatments are viable before i take the plunge! Thank you,
A. Another question to answer is whether you are prepared to wear nighttime retainers every night from now on or a bonded wire retainer to maintain the tooth position once moved. This is the most common stumbling block for patients. Most systems can improve tooth position. Hope this helps, Rob
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