Would A Fixed Bridge Work For Me?

I lost my front 4 teeth in a car crash, and have been so sad since. Lots of semi useless devices fitted some better than others, none really good.
All other teeth on top jaw are ok filled here and there but roots ok etc. I do not want implants, but surely a fixed bridge could work for me ? I have lost all confidence in these awful metal contraptions with teeth on, and I am in the public eyes more and more. I am confident but this is just so killing my SMILE. Any help ? Advice? Cost of doing a fixed bridge and getting me SMILING again. Thanks.
A fixed bridge may be a solution for you instead of implants. You should come and see us for a consultation and examination to assess you properly and see what can be achieved. If it is a six unit bridge then costs will be from £3000-£8000 depending on the complexity of your case, how good you want it to look, the skill and experience of both the dentist and the dental lab technician who would make the bridge for you.

All your options and answers will be determined accurately only following an examination so I would advise that you go and see a dentist experienced in bridgework and cosmetic dentistry as soon as you can

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