What’s Wrong With My Bridge?

Hi. I have a 3 piece bridge on the upper right side. The gum smells awful and my other half complains of the smell. My regular dentist said it looks fine. A water/air floss helps for 1-2 hours. There has been lots of bleeding but it has stopped since using Corsodyl in water floss. Also, I get sort of a suction effect where my cheek can be pulled into the bridge area with a sucking motion. I’m not sure exactly which part. Do you have any thoughts or treatment suggestions? Was a bridge a bad idea? That’s what I’m thinking now. Kind regards. 
Hi, thank you for your question. It sounds like the bridge is loose on one side or there is a big gap. It needs checking ASAP. Maybe try to get a second opinion from another dentist, but it does need to be checked as soon as possible. Kind regards, Andrew. 
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