What Should I Do About My Gingivitis?

Hi Dr Hughes. I have severe gingivitis and it’s extremely painful. It flares up at least once a month, and I now have loose teeth but my dentist refuses to take my teeth out. I’ve had composite fillings along the gum line and the nerves were being affected. I keep my mouth and gums as clean as I can, gently brushing approximately five times a day and using Corsodyl mouthwash. My teeth are also crooked and stained, and the pain in my whole face is becoming unbearable, it is affecting my life in a big way. What can I do? Thank you. 
Hello, thank you for your question. My advice would be to see a specialist periodontist for an expert opinion on your gum heath. Then go to another very experienced dentist for a second opinion to make sure you recieve the best possible treatment. Regards, Mark.
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