What is the Procedure for Teeth Whitening?

I am interested in having my teeth whitened. I’m a non smoker and have good oral hygiene. I have also got one crown which is 5th from my front tooth, I’m under the impression that will not change in colour, is that right? What is the procedure and the success rate? Also, is it a fixed price or is the price dependent on the discolouration? What are the options for teeth whitening, is it done over a period of time or as a one off? Thank you.
Thank you for your questions.

Whitening is best done with a combination of home whitening and in surgery whitening, over a period of say 4-6 weeks. Some whitening systems are better than others and some whitening trays fit better than others. We always recommend the Enlighten system as our top choice. Treatment cost will depend on the difficulty of your case, how white you wish to achieve and which system you choose. Also the skill and experience of the dentist is a factor.

If you have a home system made then you can maintain the whitening yourself. One-off treatments with lights rarely are successful without a home tray component being used as well. Success rates will differ between people. The crown will not change colour.

Hope that helps for now. Best wishes,  Mark.

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