What Can Be Done About My Daughter’s Fluorosis?


I am a New Zealander living in Stockholm .Sweden.
We have an 11yr old daughter with fluorosis.She was exposed to too much fluoride around 5-8yrs old.
It is affecting her confidence and she is constantly being questioned about her yellow teeth. She has 2 large white spots on her front teeth.
At times the white spots are very prominent. The difference between her baby teeth and permanent teeth are extreme.We have been trying Mi Paste but have not seen any difference. We hope that this may help strengthen her teeth. Should we be using a fluoride toothpaste…if so, which one?. We are suffering with this and wonder what options we have . We realise that we probably have to wait until she is older…or does she? We would appreciate your thoughts regarding treatments.Is there anything that we can do now?
We are more than willing to visit your office.
A big thanks.

Thanks for writing in. One option may be what we call ‘micro-abrasion’ which is very fine polishing of the enamel to try to reduce the effect of the fluorosis – results will depend on the depth and severity of the problem. This can be accompanied by bleaching techniques when she is older (in the UK the legal age is 18). Another option may be micro thin composite veneering. When she is older she will have more options. At this age we have to be careful not to damage the nerves (which are large in the young)of her teeth so any treatment has to cause as little trauma as possible.

If you’re ever in London please bring her along so the problem can be assessed.

A regular toothpaste with normal fluoride content should be sufficient for her – teeth with fluorosis are usually very resistant to decay as they tend to have stronger enamel then teeth that have developed without the excess Fluoride ion

Hope that helps for now. Regards.

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