What Advice Can You Offer About Gingivectomy?

Good morning Dr Hughes. I would like some advice on Gingivectomy, as I would like to have this procedure done but have no idea where to go for this?

I am almost 30 and from since I can remember I have been embarrassed about my gummy smile.  My teeth are nice and straight but very small and when I smile wide all you can see is gums, or so I think.

I would just like some advice as to if this is safe and where to go, plus how much this generally costs.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind Regards.

Hi, thanks for contacting me. The best place to start is with a very experienced cosmetic dentist or restorative dentist to establish if having a Gingivectomy is the correct procedure to help with your gummy smile. It may not be, so this is vital to do first.

Then this dentist would normally refer you to his/her chosen Periodontal Specialist who is an expert in these procedures or sometimes it can be done by laser or by the dentist themselves.

I cannot stress enough that a proper examination and correct diagnosis of the source of the problem is required first.  Best wishes,  Mark.

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