My top denture has come loose after chemotherapy, what should I do?

I have recently been fitted with a top denture which is pretty awful and I have big gaps in my bottom teeth which are not false but loose, therefore I feel that I have am awful smile which is quite depressing, what can I do? I had chemotherapy 5 years ago which resulted in 6 months of thrush of the mouth which loosened my teeth. I would like to have the perfect smile but at present with these dreadful dentures it is not possible.
I think you should seek alternative dental advice as soon as possible. It sounds like you may have some dental health issues that need addressing and there are lots of potential options for you to have a better smile – it all starts with ensuring excellent dental health first, so please find a practice and dentist to assist you soon. You could always go for a few consultations and decide which dentist suits your needs best after this?

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