My Tooth is Still Discoloured After Internal Whitening. What Can Be Done?

Hi, I had root canal a year or so ago, and my tooth has been discoloured. I have had internal whitening which has lightened the overall colour of the tooth, however I have 3 very distributive black lines on my tooth and my dentist says there is nothing else he can do. But he is thinking from a dental perspective not a cosmetic, as to me my tooth is still discoloured and makes me very self conscious as it’s my front tooth. Does this sound like something that can be sorted?

Thank you.

Hi, thank you for your question. It’s very difficult to know how internal whitening will work out as it can be very hit or miss. It might be possible to use a porcelain veneer to cover the black lines although colour matching a single veneer is also very difficult. Maybe get a second opinion from another dentist who offers cosmetic treatments? Kind regards, Andrew. 
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