My teeth are filed down and small can i get veneers on my front tooth

Q. Hey.. Im not sure if you can help me but here i go.. i have had veneers in my two front teeth because of a fall I had when in was younger. The two front teeth are much bigger, widder and now whiter then the rest of my teeth. So now i look goofy and i feel like the blatantly look fake.. i would like veener on my teeth but the teeth under my veeners are filed down and small, will that stop me having verneers? and also my gums on the top of my two front teeth are slightly forward could i get something done about it? so when i get my veneers done they want stick out at the front.. i hope you understand my questions please please answer my question with as much detail to what i could do about.. thank you for reading this

A. Hi,

I can certainly see you for a consultation to assess what can be done. I have replaced many Veneers and crowns for more aesthetically pleasing ones and would be delighted to do the same for you. If you would like to talk about your treatment before booking in or would like to reserve a consultation please contact my treatment co-ordinator Gina on 020 7612 9810.

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