My new crowns do not match my teeth, is there anything I can do?

Hi. I had my front top teeth crowned many years ago due to them being discoloured and ‘ridged’ (lots of cough medicine as a child). They looked great, but over the years I’ve had to have some replaced. Now I seem to have a mouth-full of non-matching crowns! (In shape, size & colour). Is there anything that could be done to change the colour of a crown or add a \veneer’| I also have a crown on a post which is about to break off. My NHS dentist advised to have the root removed and have a small denture – I really don’t want this. I’ve asked about an implant but he doesn’t seem keen. What can I do? Thanks.
The NHS Dental Contact will treat active functional problems rather than Aesthetic. Private Dentistry allows you to control the appearance and specifications of the work carried out. Private crowns range from about 350 to 800 per tooth and root filling and cast posts are sometimes also required. The fees multiply depending on the number of teeth needeing treatment. As a very very rough guide full arch reconstructions generally cost £6,000-20,000 depending on the number of crowns & implants needed.

If you have a resticted budget it may be better to focus on certain key areas

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