My horrible yellow and wonky teeth have tarnished my confidence and I seem unapproachable to others. Can anything be done to help me?

Q. ever since i was a young girl, i have hated my teeth, they are wonky, yellow and plain ugly looking,and it has affected my personality! why? you may ask, the simple answer i have never smiled much because of my teeth and so was regarded as cold, or unapproachable. my question is could anything be done about my teeth and if so, how much would it cost (roughly) as i am currently on a career break looking after my little one. hope you give me good news. p.s i look after my daughters teeth obsessively unlike mine!,
A. I am sorry to hear that your teeth have bothered you for all of your life, to the extent that it has affected your personality. The GOOD NEWS is that it is never too late to make improvements or indeed transform your teeth to give you a confident, radiant smile. Only recently, I transformed the smile of a lady who was in her 60’s in preparation for her daughter’s wedding. I am sure many treatment options are available to you from braces to teeth whitening to porcelain veneers and so on, however until you are seen and diagnostic records taken, it is difficult to give you a definitive treatment plan or specify fees for your treatment. If you are concerned about fees, most cosmetic dental practices now offer flexible finance options, which allow you to have treatment now whilst speading payment for treatment over many months to suit your budget. It’s easy and affordable.
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