My dentist gave veneers and crowns as option Plz help

Q. I went to a local dentist and ask about my options for my two front teeth that are SLIGHTLY worn away on the bottom. he said he would do crowns. I said NO. BECAUSE I didn’t want so much of my teeth to be taken away. He said he would do veneers. I left the office devistated because he took my two front teeth down to miniature chicklets. He put on temps that are joined together in the center and are very tough.I am sick over this.He is charging more for veneers than crowns. He has now choice to me but to do crowns. What can I do. I called the office and left a message to call me immediately on Monday. What is my recourse?

A. Ideally you should have discussed this before any treatment was done, sometimes cosmetic bonding can repair chipped teeth in a minimal way.  If the teeth are now prepared veneers are the better option.  Please talk to your dentist.

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