My daughter needs specialist treatment, are you able to recommend anyone?

Our 12 week old daughter was treated for tongue tie at Kings hospital last week (under her tongue), and we think she may also have a labial frenum under her top lip in at the front that is getting in the way of her flanging her top lip and latching on to breastfeed properly. However this is not treatable at Kings (nor anywhere on the NHS as I understand it). Also we are wondering if it is left untreated it may lead to her requiring orthodontic treatment later on. I have been told that if left this piece of skin gets thicker and is a bigger issue to remedy later on. Is this a surgery that you would recommend for this age? Is it a simple procedure? Can you give a guide as to cost? Thank you

Thank you for your enquiry and questions.

As this is out of my range of expertise I’d suggest a referral to our Specialist orthodontist and oral surgeon

They would be able to provide you with accurate answers and some estimates for treatment costs

Consultation fees are £150

Kind regards


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August 21st, 2011 at 08:47 PM
latoya Says :

hi Dr Mark Hughes i just want to say that i have that same problem that the previous lady”s daughter have i am tongue tied myself and i don’t have dental insurance eithier. I have spoken to a dentist last year and they inform me that the procedure cost $400 dollars which i don’t have at this time is it possible for me to get it done for pro bono? thanks

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