My Crowns Need Replacing As The Metal Is Showing Through. What’s The Price For 6 Or 8 New Ones?

Dear Dr Moore. I have my front 6 top teeth crowned and the crowns need replacing as the metal is showing at the top and they look false now. They were done for cosmetic reasons as my teeth were discoloured and I was very self conscious and rarely smiled.

They have been wonderful but recently I have become aware of them looking very artificial in photos.  My teeth underneath are still strong and healthy according to the X-rays,

What is the price for 6 or 8 (2 new to blend in better) new ones. Thank you for taking the time to answer my question. I hope you can help. 

Hello and thank you for writing in. As a rough guide, porcelain crowns start from £500 each but can go to £1000 for really top quality crowns. The best thing would be to get a quote from an experienced cosmetic dentist who can help you and you can go from there. They may even offer further treatment options you may want to consider. I hope this helps you. Best wishes, Dr Andrew Moore.
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