My Crown On On Of My Molars Has Come Off And There Isn’t Enough To Glue It Back On. What Are My Options?

My crown on one of my molars has come off and there is not enough tooth left to glue it back on. What are my options? My dentist wants to pull it out and to put in an implant. Is that a good answer or is there an other way? The tooth that I have described is worn right to the gum line, is it possible to build it up and re-crown it? The tooth in question does not bother me and it is not sensitive, and most of my teeth have been crowned. My age is 65 and I would like to keep what I have if possible. I have had 4 implants so far and my dentist is wanting to bridge one of the ones he pulled because it was too close to my sinus and I do not have enough bone there to put in an implant.
Hello and thank you for getting in touch. It is difficult for me to comment on your situation without seeing you, however if your dentist feels that this tooth is not worth saving then the only real option for it is extraction. When a tooth breaks off at gum level or below, it leaves very little tooth structure to work with, and trying to crown such a tooth is hopeless. The fact that this tooth is symptom free is not really relevant, as this will not influence the decision as to whether a tooth can be saved or not. With respect to replacing this tooth once it is extracted, you always have 4 options. These are 1. leave a gap 2. a denture 3. a bridge and 4. a dental implant. Each has its various merits, but in the long term a dental implant is close to a natural tooth replacement as is possible.
I hope you find this helpful. Kind regards, Marcus Gambroudes.
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