My Confidence Is Affected By The Way My Teeth Look. What Is It Called When All Your Teeth Are Taken Out And Replaced With A Great Smile?

Hi Marcus. I have always been ashamed to smile due to my gaps in my teeth my confidence is always low this affects my day to day life in every way, what is it called where you get all your teeth taken out an teeth put in with no gaps an great smile? Is it veneers? At least then I will know the name of my dream and to save up to for a good few years to get them what would be the price of a full mouth of veneers if that’s what it’s called? Thanks.
Hello and thank you for getting in touch. I think you may be confusing Veneers with dental implants if you are missing teeth, and I think the treatment to which you are referring is called Same Day Teeth. There is more information on this procedure on the Cosmetic Dentistry Guide web site. This treatment is only suitable if all your remaining teeth need to be removed, and usually involves placing 4-6 dental implants into your jaw bone, onto which a full arch of prosthetic teeth is attached. All in the same day.
If you are only missing some teeth and rest are okay, then you may just need some single implants and some conventional cosmetic treatment, such as whitening or veneers/crowns to improve the appearance of the rest.
I hope you find this helpful. Kind regards, Marcus Gambroudes.
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