My Bottom Tooth Is Slightly Further Back Than The Rest Of My Teeth. Is There Anything That Can Move This Forward?

My bottom front tooth is slightly further back than the rest of my teeth and I was wondering if there is and procedure or technique that can be used to push it forward? I would rather not have braces as it’s only one tooth that needs to move and I am very happy with the rest of my teeth; although one of my top front teeth slightly overlaps the other. My top teeth really don’t bother me as much as the bottom one. I’m 21 and would like the least painful most cost effective treatment possible. Would a spring retainer be useful in this situation?
Hello and thank you for getting in touch. Based on your statement I would suggest a fast working discreet aligner such as Invisalign or the Inman aligner. I would need to see you in person to determine which is most suitable so I would advise you to consult an experienced orthodontist to align your smile. If you’d like further information on the various orthodontic systems you can find it through this website. I hope this helps. Dr Marcus Gambroudes.
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