I’ve Never Been To The Dentist And I Have A Gap Between Front Teeth. Would I Need Braces Or A Dental Implant For This?

Hello Dr Hughes, I would like your assistance. I have space between my teeth plus two teeth that never moved in line so it looks like I have a huge space there.
I need to know if I would need a dental implant for this or if I can fix my teeth just with braces? Also I have this broken tooth that looks really bad. I am very scared to see a dentist and have never been for a treatment earlier. I need to know how much time I can have all this fixed and how much will cost me? Thank you.
Hello and thank you for your enquiry. In order to answer your questions you’d need to be seen in person – it’s impossible to give you accurate answers regarding cost and treatment options without seeing you first. I would suggest that you seek dental help immediately. Try to find a dentist you feel at ease with to help you get over your fears. You can find more information on braces and dental implants through this website. Kind regards, Mark.
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