I’ve Had Severe Pain In My Wisdom Tooth For Three Days But My Dentist’s Isn’t Open. What Can I Do?

I don’t know what to do Dr Hughes. I have had a severe pain in my wisdom tooth for 3 days now, it is making it very hard to get to sleep and its now keeping me awake at night. It’s more painful when trying to eat or drink anything and when eating my tooth keeps breaking away. I have tried painkillers and there not touching the pain. I noticed today that my tooth is growing through the gum but is breaking once it comes through the gum, Half of the tooth is missing and the other half still remains in the gum. I’m in agony and it’s giving me pain all the way down the right side of my face and teeth. What can I do as my dentist isn’t open?
Go and see another dentist first thing in the morning or call a 24hr dentist. It sounds like you have an infection in the gum tissue that overlaps the wisdom tooth. We call this a pericoronitis – this is usually treated with a dose of antibiotics, but please see or speak to someone for advice first.

In the meantime keep taking painkillers but no more than the advice given.  Regards Dr Mark Hughes.

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