I’ve been on penicillin and the pain is gone but the tooth is still sore, is this normal?

Hi, I have had terrible tooth ace on my front tooth for some time and I can feel a pulsing sensation on the nerve behind the tooth. so I went to the dentist and they adviced me to have root canal treatment on the tooth feeling this would sort the problem out. At the same time I also had an infection, so when they gave me the anaesthetic the tooth did not go numb, so I was then told they would have to control the infection before
treatment was carried out. they put me on penicillin which ive been on for for 3 days now and the pain is gone but the tooth is still a little sore, is this normal?
Hi there, well this can be tricky, although this is not always the norm this type of problem can frequently occur. It can sometimes take up to a few weeks to settle fully but go back to your dentist if the pain does not settle quickly so he/she can check it out and advise you

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