Is there any way to replace my little girl’s lost tooth?

My little girl is 22 months and she fell and hurt her front lower incisor about 4 months ago, it firmed up a little but now she has lost it completely as at her age I can’t stop her from putting things in her mouth. The dentist said it looks as though it has come out at the root, but that there isn’t anything that can be done cosmetically. I am distressed that she may have to wait until she is 7 with a gap at the front of her teeth. Is there anything that could be done or anyone you could recommend in the Solihull/Birmingham/West Mids area. I donât mind what it costs I woud just love to fix it for her somehow.

Many thanks

If a very young child loses some of their baby teeth it is not usual practice to replace them cosmetically. There are some techniques that we have used at our Harley Street practice but only in very unique circumstances. The child new lower incisors will likely appear at 6 years old.

Please don’t worry too much about it. The most important thing is your child’s health and losing baby teeth is part and parcel of growing up for kids of that age.

Hope that helps reassure you but I am happy to consult with you at our London clinics if you would like?


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