Is There A Cheaper Alternative To An Implant That Wouldn’t Compromise The Health Of My Surrounding Teeth?

I had to have my upper “1st molar” tooth removed due to having a really bad filling done by an NHS dentist where they weakened and killed my tooth causing it to split in half when I was chewing. Since having it removed I haven’t had anything put in to replace the tooth. However I have noticed the lower “1st molar” has started to rise up as it is higher than the other lower level teeth. I am worried if I don’t have something done to replace the upper “1st molar” this will cause me more problems? I wanted to go for the implant however I’m unsure how much it will be and do not think I can afford to do that at present and was wondering if there was an alternative that wouldn’t affect the health of my other surrounding teeth?
Your observations are very good, well done. Yes, the teeth opposite and indeed either side of an extracted tooth have the potential to move. This can cause bite problems and associated issues as well as closing down the space should you wish to have a replacement tooth. If the tooth/teeth have moved excessively then some orthodontic correction might be the best first step. If there’s enough space for a replacement tooth, then you could have a denture (cheapest option), a bridge (there are several types) or an implant. An exceptional quality implant done by a very skilled dentist and the implant crown-tooth ,made by an excellent dental technician, with no bone grafting needed, would normally cost from £3000-£4000. Bridges and dentures would be a lot less. A ‘resin bonded bridge’ for example could cost from £700-£1500 usually.

My advice is to seek help and a thorough examination from an experienced cosmetic dentist or restorative dentist for the best results. If your tooth/teeth are moving you should act quickly, even if it’s to just get something to hold the teeth for now. A simple night time removable orthodontic ‘retainer’ can cost as little as £100-£200 and this might be a good option to hold things until you can save or commit to the more ideal solution?

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