Is It Possible To Have Dental Implants After Valve Surgery?

Hi Mark

I would like to  know if after undergoing surgery for an Aiortic valve replacement in 2007,  Would it be possible to have tooth implants fitted? ( it would perhaps be six implants altogether in all )
I am currently taking warfarin to keep my blood thin due to a mechanical valve being fitted.

Please let me know if these implants would be possible, and if not what would you say is the best solution to my problems?

Kind regards in advance for any advice you may have on this matter.


Thank you for your enquiry. With careful and sensible management of your medication as well as close communication with your cardiologist it may be possible to have implants for your teeth after surgery. However, I would advise anyone making this query to make sure you choose a highly experienced and skilled dentist to place your implants. Best of luck.

Kind regards


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